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Artificial Grass Advantages and Disadvantages

Summer is ending, but the good weather is approaching and we begin to look at our outdoor spaces with longing and with ideas to prepare them for the summer.

A good proposal to turn your terrace, balcony, garden, pool area, porch, etc. It is to install artificial grass.

Generally, the lack of time to take care of it or the weather means that we cannot have natural grass in our house, since the best solution for that is artificial grass, a product whose variety and quality has improved significantly over the years and reports a result Excellent. At first glance we can hardly differentiate it from natural grass.

But what exactly is artificial grass?

They are synthetic polypropylene or polyethylene fibers and are made up of several layers that include support, cushioning and two or three drainage and padding, often made of rubber or cork. It was designed to mimic the natural grass both in appearance and in touch sensation.

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What are the advantages of artificial grass versus natural grass?

  • It can be installed on any surface
  • It is suitable for any weather. We will not have to worry about the state of our garden because it will always look perfect.
  • It saves water and time, since we don't need to water it or spend time cutting it, paying it, etc.
  • Ecological since it is generally reusable and / or recyclable.
  • It is resistant, one of the main advantages since it endures from adverse weather conditions to the continuous transit of people.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. You need just a few garden tools. You can read about hedge trimmers on our blog.
  • Do you live in a shady area? Nothing happens, you don't need the sun to grow
  • It is antiallergic
  • You have several colors, styles and heights to combine and choose to your liking
  • It does not need fertilizers, so there will be no chemical in your garden
  • Do not cut it. Choose the height you like best and it will always be that way.

Inevitably there are also some disadvantages

  • However realistic it is not natural grass. It does not have the olory touch characteristic of natural grass despite being very soft and pleasant.
  • The fact that it saves you time is a disadvantage for garden lovers since they will not have maintenance tasks to perform
  • The installation of the artificial turf is a considerable disbursement although later it is more than compensated by the saving of water and energy
  • With a sharp fall or rubbing a skin burn can occur although with the advances produced in the material this risk is less and less.
  • The temperature of the artificial turf may be slightly higher than the natural one depending on the material used for the filling under the grass but choosing good materials this is almost imperceptible
  • Artificial turf does not allow water to seep beneath the ground, so a drainage system must be installed
  • Although artificial grass is fire retardant, it is possible that if objects are dropped to more than 80 degrees (such as a barbecue grill), a burn will occur in the area but will not cause fire.

Tips before buying your artificial grass:

  • Look at the duration and resistance of the product and choose the one that best suits your needs
  • Keep in mind that it is sold by square meters and that its price will vary according to the quantity but also according to the quality of the material
  • If it is resistant to UV rays, the better, since it will not be damaged by the sun
  • If it is fire retardant you will be safer and more protected but keep in mind that it will be an extra expense
  • Look closely at the quality of the thread because if it is too thin it will crush more easily and resist less
  • Finally, check that it complies with EC regulations as heavy materials such as aluminum, iron, chrome, etc. They are prohibited.

If you have already decided to acquire artificial grass for your outdoor areas we leave you some ideas to finish inspiring you

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